Air-Only Low Profile Deck Ventilator With Build-in Air-Only

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Product Description

Air-Only Low Profile Deck Ventilator With Build-in Air-Only, let air in and keep water out via the use of spherical floats.

Operating Principle

Soft PVC balls float within the vent as soon as there is water on deck, along vertical guides, and form a watertight seal.  As soon as the water subsides, the balls descend, letting air in again.


  • Guarantees self-actuating protection from water penetration into the vessel.
  • Keeps water out under the worse adverse weather conditions, in any corner of the vessel, and even if the ventilating device is completely under water.
  • Provides a constant supply of air to the cabin areas, engine rooms and holds.
  • Principally used as a part of ventilation device. Sometimes Air-Only fits instead of labyrinth or mushroom ventilator in existing dorade boxes.
  • It consists of a casing, which encloses the opening, and a number of spherical floats.


  • Buy them to fit instead of leaking mushroom and labyrinth ventilators.
  • Important: the cover screws onto the ring, not directly to the deck.  It allows unscrewing the cover as often as one wish without ?touching? the deck and also not spoiling a look from inside of the vessel when Air-Only Low Profile is installed on a hatch.
  • Outside parts made of extremely UV-stabilized plastics: Luran S.  Guarantee no yellowing, no weathering as minimum for 15 years.  Very strong!  You can step on it and even jump!
  • Complete set with cabin ring and all fitting screws.

Height x Width = 68 mm x 230 mm (2.68? x 9.05?)

Cut-out ? = 95 mm (3.74?)

Free Flow Area = 24 cm(3.72 in2)

Gross Weight = 1 kg (2.2 lb)

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