Epifanes Seapower Boat Soap

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Epifanes Seapower Boat Soap come with colour conditioners and is biodegradable.  By far the best product for regular washing of boats, cars or mobile homes.  Unlike most other soap brands, this highly concentrated product provides a clean, water resistant and streak-free film without removing the existing protective wax layer.  It even adds strength to the existing wax layer.  Seapower Boat Soap is bio-degradable, pH-neutral and can be used on fibreglass, metal, rubber, wood and other types of (painted) surfaces.  Epifanes Seapower is very economical to use.

Application advice: Add the Boat Soap after filling the bucket to prevent excess foam.  For cleaning greasy bilges and engine rooms add 10 to 15 cups to a bucket.  To ensure a clean solution, squeeze dirty liquid from the sponge before dipping in the bucket.  Work on small areas keeping the surface wet.  To save time and water, dry the surface with a chamois directly after washing.  Can be used in combination with salt water.  Suitable for cleaning teak decks.

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