Nevr-Dull Original Magic Wadding Polish

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Product Description

Nevr-Dull cleans and polishes all metals including Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Pewter, Glass, Steel, Aluminum and Chromium.  Nevr-Dull removes rust and corrosion instantly.  Nevr-Dull removes rust and tar from automobile and motorcycle chrome.  It leaves no deposits in the crevices of metal work.

Nevr-Dull is excellent for janitorial maintenance, antiques, boat, airplanes, mag and chrome wheels, workshop tools, fishing gear, sinks, showers and campers.

  • Unique, treated cotton wadding cloth
  • No spills, no mixing, no liquids or powders
  • Completely safe for all metals
  • Leaves no residue on surfaces or in crevices
  • Will not scratch or corrode
  • Fast, effective and easy to use
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