Pyrotek Sorberbarrier AGC Self-Adhesive High Performance Sound Absorber Noise Barrier with a Fire Resistant Facing

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Product Description

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Sorberbarrier AGC combines the superior soundproofing performance of the flexible mass loaded vinyl, Wavebar, and Pyrotek?s Sorberfoam with a fire-resistant aluminium glass cloth facing (AGC).  The product is designed to reduce unwanted sound in applications with fire safety requirements.  Sorberbarrier AGC?s acoustic performance is achieved by placing the mass barrier between two layers of absorbing foam.  It keeps the noise barrier separate from the structure it is bonded to, allowing for flexibility to reflect and absorb the transmission of sound.

The durable AGC facing offers protection from mechanical stress, dirt, oil and liquid ingress.  As it is flame retardant, the facing can enhance the overall fire and thermal insulation performance of the product.  Tests have revealed that increasing the thickness of the foam separating the barrier improves the product?s performance in some frequencies without affecting the overall weight.  The combination of these properties allows Sorberbarrier to target a broad range of frequencies, making it one of the most versatile acoustic solutions in the marketplace.


  • Engine rooms in boats under CE Marine Survey
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation for air conditioning ductwork
  • Acoustic insulation for plenum areas
  • Power generation units and containerised generator sets
  • Machinery and equipment enclosures
  • Car, boat, truck and bus engine compartment, firewall and bonnets


  • Multifunction product: an absorber and barrier in one
  • Fire-resistant facing to meet safety requirements
  • AGC facing protects the foam from mechanical stress, dirt, oil and liquid ingress
  • No ozone-depleting substances generated during manufacture
  • Free from formaldehyde, phenolic resins and irritating fibres
  • Engineered to resist degradation (foam rot) more than traditional acoustic foam
  • Low spread of flame surface
  • Quick and easily installed in awkward places
  • Easy to cut, adhere or mechanically fasten into position
  • Matching self-adhesive tape or sprayable coating for sealing joints and edges of the foam

For more information, please refer to Technical Data Sheet.

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