Rupes Bigfoot 150 - 180 mm D-A High Performance Polishing Pads for Random Orbital and Gear Driven Polishers

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Product Description

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Rupes NEW D-A Series 150 - 180 mm high performance polishing pads for random orbital and gear driven polishers offer increased performance, versatility, and optimised user experience.  Developed specifically to compliment the high performance D-A compounds, these innovative new pads feature proprietary foam formulas and patented contour edge design which have been extensively tested and optimised for both gear driven and random orbital tool movement.  The reduced pad height, combined with the all new foam materials, optimises the transfer of energy from the tool to the application surface for more effective defect removal and higher quality finishing.  The contour edge design has been strategically designed to maintain safe operation near edges.  Additionally, the new pad profile improves the consistency of pad movement in curves and contours by reducing pad distortion.

D-A Coarse Blue foam pad is the most aggressive in the BigFoot foam pad range.  Compatible with both random orbital and gear driven tools, the unique open-cell foam material helps to manage heat while it removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems.  The foam material is optimised for use with Rupes DA-Coarse Compound.

D-A Fine Yellow foam pad is the most versatile foam pad in the Rupes BigFoot range, delivering an effective rate of defect removal and capability for high gloss finishing on most paint systems.  Pair with Rupes D-A Fine polishing compound for moderate to fine defect removal, paint refinement or final finishing after heavy compounding steps.

D-A Ultra Fine White foam pad is designed for high gloss finishing and polishing on haze-prone or very soft paint surfaces.  It can also be used for the application of sealants or waxes.  Pair the D-A Ultra Fine foam pad with Uno Pure Ultrafine Universal Polish to remove extremely fine defects or to bring out a show car level finish.

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