Rupes BigFoot 50 - 65 mm Wool Polishing Pads for Random Orbital, Gear Driven and Triple Action Polishers

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Product Description

Rupes new wool pad range is compatible with the random orbital, gear driven and triple action polishers included in the BigFoot family.  The face of the wool pads is constructed of 100% natural fibres attached to a polyester backing material layers.

  • Coarse blue wool polishing pads - all pads are constructed using two distinct fibre lengths creating a dual density wool surface and a specific visible pattern.  More than just an aesthetic detail, this configuration provides a great balance of cutting power and finishing ability when compared to traditional or single density wool pads.
  • Medium yellow polishing pads - features a consistent 15 mm fibre length through the entirety of the pads surface.  This soft and flexible wool, paired with a soft and flexible yellow foam backing, provides excellent cutting of moderate defects, excellent finishing ability on most surfaces.
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