Star brite Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment Lemon Scent


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Product Description


Star Brite Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment is a simple one-step, highly effective way to deal with the boat's holding tank that eliminates the need for multiple chemicals.  This efficient, biodegradable formula quickly breaks down waste to remove potential odours, while leaving a light, pleasant scent behind.  Additionally, special lubricants prevent drain valves from sticking.  Also works in portable marine toilets.

  • Non-formaldehyde, non-staining, biodegradable formula
  • Latest technological lubricants keep drain valves from sticking
  • Breaks down waste quickly and efficiently
  • One ounce treats five gallons
  • Fresh pine scent controls holding tank odours Fresh lemon scent controls holding tank odours
  • Complies with EU criteria for biodegradable products; contains lubricants that prevent drain valves from sticking

  • 473 mL (16 oz) treats up to 606 L
  • 946 mL (32 oz) treats up to 1211 L
  • 3.79 L (1 gal) treats up to 4844 L


  • Black Water: Add 30 mL for each 19 L of tank capacity. Pour through toilet into holding tank and add 4 L of water. Hot weather and long retention times may require additional treatment
  • Grey Water: Use 30 ml for each 38 L of tank capacity. Pour through shower or sink drain and add 4 L of water
  • Recirculation Toilets: Pour 236 mL into initial water charge
  • Portable Toilets: Pour 118 mL into waste holding tank and add water to cover tank bottom

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