West System H207 Special Coating Hardener for R105 Epoxy Resin

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Product Description

West System 207 Special Coating Hardener for R105 Epoxy Resin has been specifically developed for coating applications where an exceptionally clear, moisture resistant, natural wood finish is desired.  An ultraviolet inhibiting additive improves resistance of a West System 105 / 207 mixture to sunlight, however, the cured epoxy surface will still require further UV protection with a quality UV filtered varnish or two pack polyurethane paint.  It has been designed to work well in humid conditions.

As a base for an adhesive mix, 105 / 207 is more difficult to thicken, and less cost effective for the purpose than 205 Fast or 206 Slow hardeners.

Mix Ratio: 1 Part hardener (H207 or H209) to 3 parts resin by volume / 3.5 parts resin by weight.


Hardener 5:1

Hardener 3:1


Product #


Product #


Product #

500 mL


100 mL

HA205 Fast

160 mL

HA207 Special Coating

HA206 Slow

HA209 Extra Slow

1 L


200 mL

HB205 Fast

330 mL

HB207 Special Coating

HB206 Slow

HB209 Extra Slow

4 L


800 mL

HC205 Fast

1.33 L

HC207 Special Coating

HC206 Slow

HC209 Extra Slow

20 L


4 L

HD205 Fast

6.7 L

HD07 Special Coating

HD206 Slow

HD209 Extra Slow

200 L


40 L

HF205 Fast

67 L

HF207 Special Coating

HF206 Slow

HF209 Extra Slow

For more specific application guidance, please refer to the Product Data Sheet and Engineering Data.

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